Plus Size Dresses

Fulfill your dreams of living a world of under-the-sea. With this latest MNM Couture collection, this gown is...
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Couture dresses are too boring for you? Then this pantsuit by MNMCouture will become your next favorite evening...
This sweet couture dress has an asymmetrical V-neckline with loose long sleeves flowing into tight cuffs. A structured...
This gorgeous MNM Couture dress has both a garden party and "Alice in Wonderland" twist for its polka...
Feast your gaze on the dramatic ruffled shoulders of this slick and gorgeous trumpet formal evening gown from...
This classy couture dress has a sweetheart neckline with short off the shoulder sleeves. A thin black belt...
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What happens when a little black dress meets haute couture? Gowns like this appear. The all-across neckline creates...
This lovely designer dress has a shallow V-neckline with double strapped off the shoulder sleeves and an A-line...
This stylish gown has a sweetheart neckline that flows into cute off the shoulder short sleeves. Decorative seams...
In this daring and bold MNM Couture ensemble, you will be sure to find this a popular piece...
This classy couture dress has a strapless sweetheart neckline. The dress is made of gorgeous pink lace with...
This classy couture gown has a high neckline with sleeveless straps. The slightly flared trumpet skirt has a...
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