Mermaid Gowns

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Experience luxe redefined with the MNM Couture F02820, an exquisite piece entwined with sophistication and seductive glamour, perfect for the red carpet and evening celebrations. This breathtaking long dress is a testament to classic beauty, designed to make every entrance memorable. Crafted from quality organza and tailored with two super-positioned...
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MNM Couture F02821 – Step into a world where fashion meets artistry. Crafted for the fashion connoisseur, this evening gown epitomizes luxury with its sumptuous blend of crepe & organza materials. The strapless V-neck design spells allure and grace, culminating in a Roman classic skirt that commands attention. Adorning the...
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Unveil your sophisticated flair with the MNM Couture F02810, a masterpiece tailored for the discerning fashion aficionado searching for that perfect evening gown, wedding guest dress, or a glamorous red carpet statement. Born from the luxurious union of satin and crepe, the F02810 resonates with exclusivity and style. This asymmetrical...
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MNM Couture F02824 - Unveil the quintessence of elegance with this exquisite gown. For those seeking a garment that bespeaks authority, sophistication, and an unfaltering sense of style, the MNM Couture F02824 awaits. Our limited collection ensures a dress as unique as the events you grace. Adorn the crepe &...
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