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All aboard the S.S. Sophisticate. Stylish, sophistication and simplicity wrapped in this lovely long-sleeve MNMCouture evening gown. It’s like a blouse and skirt-combo made into a mermaid dress that contains batwing sleeves each with a floral-beaded design per wrist. Form-fitting with a high waist and a built-in belt, along with a V-neck top with underlay peekaboo fabric and pleats that really define the garment.

  • Mermaid dress with long, batwing sleeves, each with decorative floral beading per wrist
  • Long, fitted pleated skirt with a peekaboo fabric under the V-neck blouse-like top
  • An inexpensive gown made from high-quality material
  • Worldwide delivery that ships in 1-10 business days
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