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Stop them in their tracks with this stunning, form-fitting, floor-length gown that features beautiful, large, flowy, ruffled short...
Introducing the pretty and picture-perfect, long, mermaid-style sleeveless formal evening gown. This dress oozes with femininity and grace...
All aboard the S.S. Sophisticate. Stylish, sophistication and simplicity wrapped in this lovely long-sleeve evening gown. It’s like...
The epitome of a fairytale with it’s extravagance and elegance, this mermaid-style, floor-length, dual-design evening gown features a...
Step out on the town in this belle-of-the-ball long trumpet-style gown and all mouths will drop. This stunning...
Multicolored butterfly inspired gown. This unique style embraces the beauty of a butterfly with its off the shoulder...
Off-the-Shoulder Ruffled Evening Gown. This outlandish swaggered gown will give you a flawless slim fit and put your...
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