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Elegance is key. This fitted crepe dress features a stunning asymmetrical top complete with a draped bodice, V-neckline, and puffed one-shoulder design, also made from draping. The bottom of the gown is a draped overlap skirt and classic off-center slit, pulling this whole look together. In-store and online now!
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Dazzle and impress in this long-sleeve couture gown. This style features a hybrid high-neck/V-neck look. The top is trimmed with lace and beads, and an overlay skirt atop the fitted bottom of the dress is made from mixed lace and beads as well. Don’t wait, call/email us today!
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This gorgeous sleeveless mermaid dress has a perfectly crafted sweetheart neckline with a layer of fabric folding over the top adding a subtle elegant touch to this design. The whole dress is made of a smooth crepe fabric. Decorative seams radiate out from the middle of the top, adding more...
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This choker style halter-top dress is made out of velvet. The bodice has princess lines, which give this dress a very simple but classical look. At the hip there is a roughing effect that leads to a cascading ruffle. This dress also had a slit that runs up to mid...
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Introducing the pretty and picture-perfect, long, mermaid-style sleeveless formal evening gown. This dress oozes with femininity and grace and features sheer layers of ruffled elements along the bustline and one hip, and beaded detail on the front bodice. This beauty contains a few pleats that really show out along the...
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Step out on the town in this belle-of-the-ball long trumpet-style gown and all mouths will drop. This stunning number features a unique upper-curvature flap design along the top that connects to a one-strap same-pattern sleeve. The skirt-like, beautifully-draped tail of fabric on the side and the matching tied waistline makes...
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Multicolored butterfly inspired gown. This unique style embraces the beauty of a butterfly with its off the shoulder style and long tail as its wings. This Gown consists of ruffled shoulder to bring life to the gown. Dress is long and contains a designed belt around the waist to embody...